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Talking Calender

Do you publish Talking Calendars?


Talking Calender

Not at present due to lack of demand. We tried to make a Talking Yearly Calendar and Desktop diary in 2019. However demand was too low and manufacturing costs too high. So we have abandoned the project. We will only do so again if a company white labels them and order some bulk quantities to make this interesting product an economic one.


Greetings subscriber,

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Notcoin is not just coin. It's a hobby in Telegram, where you can get notcoin by clicking on a coin in the chat. You can also join teams, perform tasks and compete in the ratings.

Notcoin is recommended by some of the most famous connoisseurs in the world of cryptocurrencies. It has a huge community of dedicated players. And it has a lot of advantages that make it higher than other money.

Some of these advantages are:

- Little electricity is spent for getting notcoin compared to other currencies
- Convenient use through the Telegram service
- Pleasant and mutual fun that rewards engagement

Looks awesome, right? Therefore don't lose this chance to be part of the notcoin revolution. The only thing you need is to click on this button and launch your notcoin adventure today!

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Grateful for your interest!

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Achieving operational excellence and sustainability with Vibrom

Who Our Device is For: Who We Can Assist

Vibration balancing and analysis devices developed by Vibromera are designed for a wide range of specialists and industries tasked with maintaining optimal performance of rotating equipment.

These devices cover a range of machines and mechanisms, such as industrial fans, pumps, compressors, complex turbomachinery, and automotive engines.

Let's consider the key categories of users and applications for which our device will become an indispensable assistant.
[url=https://www.instagram.com/reel/C5mNI3ToJVg/] Vibration monitoring equipment [/url] allows for continuous tracking of operating machinery. This proactive approach alerts you to developing imbalances or other problems, enabling early intervention and preventing unexpected breakdowns.

Production and Repair Companies

The main audience for our devices is enterprises involved in the production, maintenance, and repair of various rotating equipment.

This group encompasses manufacturers and service centers that focus on pumps, fans, electric motors, turbines, and other machinery.

Our device facilitates precise dynamic balancing directly on site, streamlining the maintenance process and enhancing production efficiency.

Automotive and Aerospace Sectors

Companies in the automotive and aviation sectors need to ensure precise balancing of engine shafts and rotors to enhance performance, minimize wear, and prolong service life. Our device offers an effective solution for these tasks at both the production and maintenance stages.

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