PENFriend Label Manager

Penfriend comes with a Free Label Manager that can be downloaded below. There are two choices: Quick Backup and Restore Audio Interface 1, which we recommend using most of the time. The Graphic Interface 2 is for more advanced users who wish to micro-control the allocation of audio files to their stickers. We recommend the aid of a sighted person if you use Graphic Interface 2 since it is not 'Jaws' supported.

If you click "Audio Interface 1" you are taken to a simple screen which will automatically backup your audio recordings with their label allocation. To restore, just connect your PENfriend to the computer with a USB cable and press the restore button. All your recordings will be updated on the pen.

PENFriend Transfer Wizard

Are you replacing your PENFriend?

If so, here is an easy way to transfer all your recordings from the old pen to your new PENFriend. This means you can still listen to all your recordings from the same labels with the new PENfriend. Here is a quick and easy way: Click on the "Download" button below and the "PENfriend Tool Transfer Wizard" programme will be downloaded to the Desktop of your Windows based computer. Double-click on the "PENfriend Tool Transfer Wizard" and save the programme to your hard disk. Double-click on the setup.exe file to install the Wizard to the hard disk of your Windows based computer. Run the programme by double-clicking the "PENfriend Transfer Wizard" icon on your desktop. Then connect your old PENfriend with the USB cable and follow the instructions. Please see the video below. Once the transfer is finished (typically in about 5 minutes) you can still use your old PENfriend as well as your new PENfriend.